Speak and Grow Your Influence™ is both an ART (Attract-Result-Tell™) and a Science. The ART is the strong emotional trigger that overrides your prospective client’s auto no-response and move them to take the desired action that will lead to the resolution of their top-of-mind problem. The Science is the proven practical process that is backed by 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, extensive training, research and field tested in the marketplace.

The 5 Core Components of Speak And Grow Your Influence™

  • Always be Ready to Speak
    Stand out every time you speak, using the using the Entrepreneurial Speaking Blueprint™ in Speaking Visibility Optimization™ (SVO) to craft 60-second entrepreneurial presentations

  • Have a Signature Story
    Share your significant emotional story to connect deeply with your audience. The 5Cs Storytelling Model (Storytelling for Business Success™) provides you with the tools to create your signature story and much more.

  • Position Yourself as the Go-to-Expert
    Using educational-based presentation to showcase your expertise and generate profits. The Profitable Presentation Formula™ is a surefire process to create powerful and persuasive presentations..

  • Master the ART of Selling Results
    Increase your Influence and Power of Persuasion, by communicating effectively to the left-brain judgement mode and tapping into the emotional triggers of the right-brain experience mode. The ART (Attract-Result-Tell™) of Selling is Speaking™ will teach  how.

  • Stage time: Increase Your Visibility & Credibility
    Stage time is any opportunity that puts you in front of an audience or your ideal clients. Speak and Grow Success Strategies™ will provide you with tips on how to create or find speaking opportunities to increase your presence and credibility.

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