Speak and Grow Your Influence™ is both an ART (Attract-Result-Tell™) and a Science. The ART is the strong emotional trigger that overrides your prospective client’s auto no-response and move them to take the desired action that will lead to the resolution of their top-of-mind problem. The Science is the proven practical process that is backed by 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, extensive training, research and field tested in the marketplace.

The 5 Core Components of Speak And Grow Your Influence™

  • Speaking Visibility Optimization™ (SVO)
    Using the Entrepreneurial Speaking Blueprint™ to craft your 60 second entrepreneurial presentation to standout in the crowded marketplace.

  • Storytelling for Business Success
    Creating your Significant Emotional Story using the 5Cs Storytelling Model.
    Your branded story to attract more of the people you were meant to serve and gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

  • Presentation Power for Profit™
    A powerful, persuasive presentations that position you as the Go-to-Expert, using the Profitable Presentation Formula™.

  • The ART of Selling is Speaking
    Using speaking to effectively sell yourself, product, service or idea, is the ART (Attract-Result-Tell™) that uses the science to connect to the heart.

  • Speak and Grow Success Strategies™
    Stage time strategies to find or create speaking opportunities to increase your visibility, credibility, grow your influence and your business.

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