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Can You benefit from effective world-class speaking strategies to Attract more clients?

The Speak And Grow Coaching Program was specifically created for speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, health & wellness practitioners and business professionals who are committed to taking their speaking skills to the next level: to increase your visibility, credibility, attract more clients and grow your business.

Our programs uses a systematic process to introduced you to world class speaking tools and strategies, that are practical and easy to use. Flexibility and adaptability is the cornerstone of this program, to best meet your specific needs.

Speak And Grow: Deep Dive
The Speak And Grow Deep Dive is ideal for exploring speaking as a marketing strategy within your business or to deal with a specific speaking/presentation challenge.
=> 1 Sessions | 90 minutes.

"I hired Marlon Shaw to help review and coach me on a new workshop presentation that would highlight insights and thought processes that support my coaching business. What I loved about Marlon’s help was his expert understanding and perspective of the message I was trying to present. As a result of hiring Marlon, I presented my workshop successfully." ~ Donna Wood | Soul Purpose Coaching

Speak And Grow: Starter Package
The Speak And Grow Starter Package is ideally suited for entrepreneurs and business professionals who need to craft their Unique Branding Message for the marketplace. Having a clear, concise and compelling message is essential, in order to attract your ideal client. The Starter package can also be used to prepare for an upcoming speaking event.
=> 3 Sessions | 60 minutes each.

"My partner and I were preparing for a speech for the first time ever, it wasn’t an easy one as we both were trying to share some very personal stories. We hired Marlon to help us. In three sessions he was able help us to put together an amazing speech and boosted our confidence. If you are thinking of using speaking for your business or even if it’s only a one time event, I highly recommend Marlon. It’s worth EVERY dollar...Trust me!”
~ Sabrina Goeldlin | Energy Healer, Angelologist

 Speak And Grow: Expertise Package
The Speak And Grow Accelerator Package is best suited for entrepreneurs and business professionals who are ready to use speaking as a marketing strategy to establish their expertise, increase brand awareness, attract more clients and speak at events, as well as hosting their own workshops, lunch & learn, etc.
=> 12 weeks | 90 minutes each
"I invested in Marlon's Speaking Accelerator Coaching Program to take my speaking to another level. Marlon delivered exceptional value, and much more. Not only did he help me with the structure of my speeches but he provided invaluable coaching on how to excite and engage my audience and how to harness my energy so that my confidence was levelled up as well."  ~ Effy Nicopoulos | Professional Organizer & Certified KonMari Consultant

Speak And Grow: TEDx  Package
The TEDx Coaching Package is for you if you have been accept to speak on the TEDx stage. Together we will create your message worth sharing. This package is jammed packed with speaking tools, techniques and strategies to get you ready to take the stage with confidence.
=> 5 Sessions | 60 minutes each.

"As a TEDx speaker, I had the privilege of working with Marlon. I can say, without a doubt, Marlon's coaching played an integral part in helping me craft a presentation that included a deeply personal and meaningful element to it. His ability to ask the right questions, and to be fully present in our coaching sessions, allowed me to develop a stronger message, and to present as a better speaker." ~ Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi, ND, ACC

 Why choose me as your coach?

~ Award wining Inspirational Speaker
~ Certified World Class Speaking™ Coach
~ TEDx Coach
~ Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
~ Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
~ Creator of the Entrepreneurial Speaking Solution™

As a speaking coach I have helped 100s of entrepreneurs and business professionals create memorable messages, signature stories and profitable presentations. I have personally field tested the tools and strategies I share with my clients.

As a speaker, I have delivered keynote speeches and workshops to various companies, organizations and conferences such as Strong Summit Toronto, Investors Group, Board of Trade, Toastmasters District Conference, Durham Catholic District School Board, SIPO Foundation, Arthritis Society, Business Advisory Centre, Y2 Conference, Community and Entrepreneurial groups.

Without a doubt since working with Marlon, I have doubled my business growth… and then some! I’ve booked and given several presentations and workshops, and can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. He’s the real deal. “ ~ Jenny McKee | Creating Inspiration

 If your goal is to Elevate, Educate and Empower your audience, then I’m the coach for you.

A great investment to grow your business!

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