Marlon Shaw

Marlon Shaw

Co-Author Thought Leaders, Visionaries & Influencers
Founder of Speak And Grow Your Business™

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals to use Speaking as a Marketing Strategy to Attract More Clients!


The Speak and Grow Your Business™ (SAGYB) program was created to help entrepreneurs and business professionals just like to you, to grow your business using the powerful strategy of speaking. Speaking will help your business to Standout in the crowded marketplace, Attract your Ideal Client and increase your Cash-flow. This program provides you with practical tools and strategies to establish you as the Go-to-Expert in your community.

Let my pain be your gain
With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, I understand the many challenges you will encounter while growing your business. I have experienced the entrepreneurial flood of being way over my head and drowning in the struggles to survive. I have experienced the entrepreneurial famine of not having enough money to buy food to eat and I have experienced the entrepreneurial fire when it all falls apart, and life becomes a living hell. The granddaddy of them all, was the entrepreneurial pain of indebtedness...losing my life savings and losing my house.

My Aha Moment
During my struggles with growing my own businesses, I was told by numerous business gurus that public speaking is great way to grow a business, but none of them offered me any real tools or strategies on how to speak and grow my business. They offered me valuable information; which I appreciated, but what I desperately needed at the time, was a practical solution that I could put to immediate use. That was my Aha moment...

A Practical Solution
I decided to search for a practical solution…I trained with the 3 top Speaking programs in the world. Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters and World Class Speaking. I took the tools and strategies from these 3 great organizations along with my entrepreneurial experience and packaged them
into the Speak and Grow Your Business™ Program…a practical solution for business growth.

The #1 Marketing Strategy
Our workshops and one-to-one coaching programs has helped 100s of entrepreneurs and business professionals to use speaking as powerful marketing strategy to standout from the crowd and grow their business. And now you have the opportunity to discover the many benefits of the Speak and Grow Your Business™ Program.

About Marlon

Marlon Shaw is a Certified World Class Speaking™ Coach, member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and co-author of the book Thought Leaders, Visionaries and Influencers. As the founder of Speak and Grow Your Business™, Marlon is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business professionals take their business to the next level, while minimizing their entrepreneurial pain and maximizing their financial gain  His interactive coaching programs and workshops provides exceptional value that exceeds client's expectations. Marlon 'walk his talk', he has personally field tested the tools and strategies that he shares with his clients.