The Go-to-Expert Blueprint

The Go-to-Expert Blueprint

Are You the Go-to-Expert?
Go-to-Experts are entrepreneurs, business professionals, authors, speakers, etc. who want to share their advice, knowledge, and expertise with the world and get paid for it. Becoming the Go-to-Expert starts with a commitment to excellence. The burning desire to provide exceptional service, value and results. It’s also a commitment to being a life-long learner. Go-to-Experts earn more, because they have become more.

The following is an excerpt from the Go-to-Expert (G2E) Blueprint...

Why you should be the Go-to-Expert within your community Expertise is not a commodity. Go-to-Experts walk the talk, and talk the walk. Go-to-Experts control their destiny.

How to make your product or service valuable in the marketplace To establish yourself as the Go-to-Expert requires you to be very clear about the value you bring to the marketplace. Your Business CPR™ is the foundation to becoming the Go-to-Expert and establish your value in the marketplace.

Business CPR™ The Business CPR™ is the foundational blueprint that identifies Client, Problem and Result. This blueprint is often overlooked by most entrepreneurs as they rush to introduce their product or service to the marketplace. Our passion sometimes get the best of us, and in our haste to make money doing what we love, we often make the critical mistake of skipping the very important process of creating a Business CPR™, only to discover when it's too late to recover, that the marketplace does not value our product or service.

Who is your Ideal Client? As the Go-to-Expert you get to choose the clients that you would like to serve. While this is a good thing, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The number one business challenge most entrepreneurs are facing today is attracting enough of the right clients. Why? Because they believe their product or service can serve everyone and their marketing message fails to connect with anyone. Solution: Determine who is best suited for your product or service (client, company, industry, etc.).

Questions to consider:
Which clients do you most enjoy working with?
~ Entrepreneurs, small business owners, seniors, authors, etc.
Does your client have to be certain age?
Do they have to live in a certain geographical location?
Do they require a certain level of education or income?
Can you identify them by their egoic label?
An egoic label is an identity that your client feels comfortable being associated with it. Example: Doctor, Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Professional, Entrepreneur, etc. Egoic label allows you to target your ideal client in the crowded and competitive marketplace.

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  • A proven process to make your product or service valuable in the marketplace
  • Practical strategies to attract your Ideal Clients
  • A deeper understanding of selling what the marketplace is buying...
  • The Model for creating your Signature Story
  • The Key to becoming the Go-to-Expert

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